The information below is provided to assist Tanzanian Nationals traveling or living Abroad and to inform them of measures to take in case of any eventuality.


1. Passports

All Tanzanian Nationals require a valid passport for travel outside the country. It is advisable that the passport be valid for at least six (6) months after the intended date of return.

It should be noted that Passports are not issued at Tanzanian Missions but rather at the Immigration Department, Dar es Salaam.

2. Procedures for Application and Issuance of New Passports.

Application for a new passport is lodged by the applicant at the Immigration Headquarters, Zanzibar and or any Regional or District Immigration Office where the applicant resides.

3. Documents to be Submitted to Support Application for a New Passport

Any application for a passport shall be accompanied by:

  • A birth certificate or an affidavit of birth or certificate of naturalization of the applicant.
  • A birth certificate or an affidavit of birth or certificate of naturalization of the applicant’s parent or parents.
  • Recent, clear and
  • Un-mounted passport size photographs as may be directed by the issuing authority.
  • In case of the applicant who is below the age of 16 years, the parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent.

4. Persons Entitled to Passport or Travel Documents

  • An ordinary passport may be issued to any citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania for a purpose of traveling to outside the country
  • A service passport may be issued to any citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania who is in the public service or is holding office as respectively specified
  • A Diplomatic passport may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic specified in the third schedule
  • An East African Passport may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic who intends to travel within the East African Community member states.
  • A certificate of Identity may be issued to a person other than a citizen of the \united Republic of Tanzania who cannot obtain a passport from the country of which he is a citizen or does not have citizenship of an y country for the purpose of traveling out side The United Republic of Tanzania.

5. Visa Requirements

Tanzanian Nationals may require entry visa to entry some countries. Click here to see visa requirements.

Some countries may require International Health Certificates of Vaccination against certain diseases like yellow fever, especially if the country one is traveling from is within the yellow fever zone. Please check with your health

6. Issuance of an Emergency Traveling Document (ETD)

An Emergency Travel Document may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic who is traveling on an Emergency journey and does not fulfill the normal requirements of getting a passport. A person who is stranded abroad and cannot get a passport or is being deported back home. Such document are issued at Tanzania Missions
See The cost of an emergency travel document

7. Lost or Stolen Passport/Travel Document

In case of loss of passport/travel document, please contact the Tanzania Embassy / High Commission. A police report of the stolen passport should be submitted at the Mission for further processes.

8. Registration of Tanzanian Nationals

Tanzania Nationals living abroad are strongly advised to register themselves at the nearest Tanzania Embassy / High Commission. Click here to register

9. Emergency

  • In the case of emergency please contact the nearest Tanzania Embassy / High Commission, Consul General Office of Honorary Consul Office. The address list can be accessed at the following website:
  • In the event of death of Tanzanian National abroad, the next of kin should inform the nearest Tanzania Mission.

10. Birth Certificates

  • Birth certificates are only issued by Registrar of Insolvency Trustee Agency (RITA).
  • Tanzanians living abroad may contact the Tanzania High Commission for assistance.

11. Application for Replacement of Passport.

Where a holder’s passport is lost, stolen or severely damaged an application for replacement shall be accompanied by sworn declaration of the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft or damage of the passport and authority to which the loss, theft or damage was reported.

12. Revocation of Passports and Travel Documents

The Commissioner of Immigration Services at any time can revoke the passport or travel documents granted or issued to the holder if:-

  • The holder of a passport permits another person to use his/her passport.
  • The holder of a passport has been deported or repatriated to the United Republic of Tanzania at the expense of the Government.
  • The holder has ceased to be a citizen of United Republic of Tanzania.
  • The holder engages in illicit drug trafficking, money laundering, migrant trafficking, terrorist act or any other illegal transaction. It is in national interest or national security.

13. Legalisation of Documents

Ministry fo Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Legal Unit and Department and Tanzanian Missions can assist in legalizing the following documents

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Educational Documents

14. Shipping Deceased

The following are requirements for permission to ship the Human remains to Tanzania

  1. One certified copy of Death Certificate
  2. Burial Transit Permit
  3. Letter of non-contagious disease from local health department
  4. Notarized embalment letter/Certificate of embalment
  5. Deceased passport
  6. Two passport size photographs if deceased’s passport not available
  7. The letter from the Funeral Director

All documents should be sent to the Tanzania Embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for authentication and issuance of embassy Permit to ship the deceased to Tanzania.

If ALL documents are correct and accepted the permission to ship the deceased body to Tanzania will be issued immediately.

Download File/s:


The application form is available from your nearest Saudi Consulate. But it is advisable to appoint a licensed travel agent, who will arrange a visa, as well as your travel and accommodation and anything else you may need to perform the Hajj. The travel agent will send your application form to the Saudi Consulate.


Hajj visas are issued from Mid-Shawwal until 25th Dhual-Qa’dah of each year.


  • The Umrah and Hajj visas are free.
  • For Hajj they need to pay two checks to cover the cost of guides, Zamzam water agents, tent accommodation in Mina and Arafat and transportation costs.
  • They can ask the nearest Saudi Consulate about the current level of these charges.


  • The applicant must have a passport valid for at least six more months and acceptable both for entry to Saudi Arabia and entry to the next destination; the passport should have at least two empty visa pages adjacent to each other.
  • Each applicant must submit one recent passport size color photograph with a white background. The photograph must be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is facing the camera directly. Side or angled views are NOT accepted. (Some travel agents require two color photos, one for the visa application and the other for the group identification card).
  • The applicant must submit a completed application form filled in with black ink pen or printed; the form must be signed and stamped by the authorized travel agency.
  • The Mahram should write on the application forms complete information on his spouse and children or any relative with whom he is traveling. He should also provide copies of marriage or birth certificates.
    Note: Women are required to travel for Hajj with a Mahram. Proof of kinship must be submitted with the application form. Any woman over the age of 45 may travel without a Mahram with an organized group, provided she submits a letter of no objection from her Mahram authorizing her to travel for Hajj with the named group. This letter should be notarized.
  • The applicant must be in possession of a non-refundable roundtrip ticket with confirmed reservations.
  • The applicant must submit proof of vaccination for meningitis and ACYW135. For infants and children up to 15 years of age, a vaccination report is required for polio as well as meningitis. Children over 15 years of age should present the same vaccinations requested for adults. The certificate of vaccination should have been issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days prior to entering Saudi Arabia.
  • Each pilgrim should submit two certified checks or cashier checks payable to ‘Unified Agents Office’ in Jeddah for pilgrimage services (guides, Zamzam water agents, tent accommodation in Mina and Arafat and transportation costs). These checks should include the name and the passport number of the pilgrim and date and place of issue. Each applicant must pay the appropriate fees. Pilgrims have the option to submit one check combining both fees. Children between the ages of seven and fifteen should only pay half of the amount. Children under the age of seven do not need to pay. Please check with the Saudi Consulate in your country for correct charges.

Note: Applicants who are not nationals of the country they are applying from should submit documented proof of legal residence status.
If the applicant has converted to Islam, an Islamic certificate must be presented which must be notarized by an Islamic Center.

Note: Passport authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reserve the right to return (at his or her own expense) any pilgrim who has provided wrong or false information about their residence.


Children can accompany their parents. When applying for a visa, they should include their names in the parent passport and attach their birth certificates. Children and women under 45 should be accompanied by a Mahram (a male relative).

Note: No applicant under the legal age of eighteen will be granted a Hajj visa if not accompanied by his family.

National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of the Non-Arab African countries

Partial list of countries/regions served by the Establishment:
Nigeria, Niger, South Africa, Chad, Togo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Gambia, Liberia, Central Africa, Cameroon, Guinea, Guyana, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Gabon, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Madagascar, Seychelles, Rwanda, Burundi, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Democratic Congo, Reunion, Malagash, Cape Verde Island, Queen Helena Island.

Address of the Establishment:
Makkah: Al Resaifah district, 21955
Makkah Post Office Box 8423
Telephone Numbers: 542 4231 / 542 4155 / 542 3511 / 543 5160
Fax: 544 5245 / 544 4912